The Importance Of Communication In Nursing Management

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Introduction: A world of opportunity awaits the nursing profession willing take on managerial responsibility. Nurse managers guide and lead frontline nurses while contributing to organisational success. They work together to provide the shared goals of efficiency, common care goals and excellence in clinical care, education and research. Managers outline the expectations for excellence in nursing thus optimizing quality and a ‘just culture’, which balances the need for open disclosure with a quality learning environment and culture (Boysen, 2013). Nurse managers connect frontline staff and middle-upper management, ensuring communication is maintained. Therefore, nurse managers can influence the standard of care provided to patients and their families (Cipriano, 2011). This paper will discuss three connected themes and one aspect of each. Communication in a nurse management role, evidence-based practice in quality improvement, and confidentiality regarding information management systems will be discussed. Theme 1: Nursing Management-ISBAR Communication Tool Just as nursing practice requires that all nursing care has a plan and an evaluation, so too does each function of management. The management process includes planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. It is similar to the nursing process as many different functions occur simultaneously. This paper will focus on the communication (directing) function of management (Marquis and Huston, 2006). A

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