The Importance Of Communication In Speech Communication

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“Listening comprehension competence is an important means in speech communication and is also the most frequently used perceptive function in the daily life of human being (Chen, 2011, p. 68). “ This is the main reason this intervention proposal has been chosen. Today’s reality is that learning a foreign language in our society has become more important in the recent years and its importance is still rising. People have realized that to be able to communicate in a different language opens thousand doors to the world and its different cultural societies. The world looks different and closer when a person has the possibilities to move around it without difficulties of language communication and can even obtain different studies opportunities and working experience. Since we are babies we learn our mother tongue by listening that is the reason we think that one of the best ways to start to learn another language is by listening. The evolution of language learning in Europe has been increasing for many decades. Many different methodologies and approaches have been developed and experienced through the years, for example we can mention the Oral approach that was developed around the 1920-30 from two British linguists H. Palmer and S. Hornby, the Audiolingual approach that was also called the Army Method around 1950s in the World War II, the TPR (Total Physical Response) proposed by Katona in the 1940s, the Silent Way developed by Caleb Cattegno and the Suggestiopedia which was a
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