The Importance Of Communication In The 21st Century

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The era of 21st century is progressing day by day. Various thing play vital role in the development of different sector in today’s world. In the midst of development one of the leading factor of this era is communication. Due to globalization every aspects like business, trade, and news are making rapid progress but one of the leading medium of globalization is communication. Today professional world, business, news, is not simply bound in small geographical area. Stock market of north deals with the stock market of south. Traders of one continent do their business in another continent. The people of east hear news of west. So the thing, which bound all these things and draws the world towards the path of development, is communication. Communication is an indispensable part of this era. Although different kinds of people are living all over the globe having diverse culture, traditions but despite of these all people over the world bound by the language of communication. Generally communication is the way of discussions, interactions between people to share ideas, concepts. In this perspectives people communicate with each other by speaking, share their views through writing, presentation as well as by debating on some kinds of topic. Communication is a means of getting messages, understandable and meaningful ideas. In broader meaning communication is not only the interaction between people. Sometimes we talk to ourselves like questioning, answering and
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