The Importance Of Communication In The English Classroom

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Studies relating to English teaching have showed the need for teachers ' questioning, and emphasized how they are important to start communication and how they can help EFL learners to develop their competence in language. “In second language classrooms, where learners often do not have a great number of tools, your questions provide necessary stepping stones to communication” (Brown 1994: 165). Similar remarks have been made in favor of providing feedback, certainly to EFL learners. For example, “Such responsibility means that practically everything you say and do will be noticed” (Brown 1994: 28, and Nunan 1991: 195). In this regard, Mcough and Shaw (1995: 271 – 273) provide more detailed advice as follows:

Evidence also tends to suggest that the questions a teacher asks in the classrooms can be extremely important in helping learners to develop their competence in the language. It is useful to observe if teachers put questions to learners systematically or randomly, how long they wait for a response, and the type of question asked, from that requiring a simple one-word reply to higher order Referentialquestions where learners can provide information which the teacher does not know. Similarly, in the case of feedback and correcting learners, we can observe how and when the teacher does this.

The Longman Dictionary of English language provides the following definition for a question: a command or interrogative expression used to elicit information or a

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