Acquisition Second Language Essay

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Out of all living organisms on Earth, only human beings have the ability to communicate. Communication refers to the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or even behaviors to express or exchange information, ideas and thoughts (Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition). As humans, individuals are in the position to express their opinions, beliefs, declarations, feelings, wishes, threats, commands as well as other, more complicated and intricate concepts such as knowledge. However, this communicative process would not have been able to be conducted if language was not a prerequisite element for it.
To be more precise, language has been identified as the method of human communication, either spoken or written, which consisted of the use of words in a structured way and in an
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Finally, the vast majority of individuals acquire a first language, but not everyone obtains a second one. The acquisition of a first language happens naturally, as it is an innate process on the other hand, acquiring L2 more often than not requires determination, motivation, will and most importantly effort on the part of the learner.
In conclusion, notwithstanding the fact that there are similarities as well as disparities between L1 and L2 acquisition, linguists and scholars have agreed on the following.L1 acquisition is considered to be a natural process in the life of an individual, as it needs to be taken into account that it is indeed an innate procedure and it happens to everyone irrespective of their cultural background. L2 acquisition, although it is not an inherent process it can voluntarily become a part of an individual’s language attainment, hence many people know two or more than two different languages than their mother

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