The Importance Of Communication

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Ghadi Sabra English 102 October 14, 2015 Topic : How Technology has changed the way we live/communicate? Outline: Introduction: a. What is technology ? Define technology b. The Internet: a global communication 2. Development: a. Social Media b. Advantages of Social Media c. Disadvantages of Social Media 3. Conclusion Today when we think of technology, we think of mobile phones, pads, cameras, TV, etc… We think of something that isn 't a table or a chair. Technology is explained as things created by human that make our lives easier, or help in solving problems. The word technology is defined as “ the knowledge and skills available to any human society” by the Collins English Dictionary (2014). Before this “ Knowledge” communication across channels was non existent, but because of innovation, technology has giving us the chance to create connections across the Globe, this innovation is called the Internet. Internet is a global communication that allows all computers and phones worldwide to connect and exchange information. It is an incredibly information rich environment providing us with pictures, videos, sounds, texts which can be shared through instant chatting or social media. Social media takes the same social skills humans have practiced for 10 thousand years, story telling, elaboration and problem solving. But today, these skills are enhanced with the power of modern technology, it is the evolution of
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