The Importance Of Communication

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Communication in the professional world is vital for success. This is particularly true for interpersonal communication, communication among management and staff, and for virtually every other contact a business has, both within its own institution and the outside world. The process of communication is very intricate and is a key factor in the success of a company. We have throughout the course have focused on all sorts of communication, including verbal and non-verbal, attending and reacting, and physical and peculiar factors that influence fruitful communication. For effective communication, one must appreciate verbal and non-verbal communication. Interactive skills jolt with the learning of verbal and non-verbal communication. Verbal signs are dependent on language norm. In society, we can look at diverse vernaculars as a barrier. An illustration of this is the United States, Canada, and England where people speak the English language but with several modifications. Even though all the mentioned countries speak the similar language, decoding the word meaning dialects can be tricky. Different usage of words within countries can make it difficult to comprehend the original message. Language can evidently upset people. To avoid displeasing the listeners, one should not use words that appear to be logical but had hidden meanings. For example, in the office, an employee thinking of a problem and your boss might think that you are not busy and he might say “looks like you have
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