The Importance Of Communication Skills In Education And Business

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1.0 Introduction This is an assessment for the subject Academic Skills MOD003701. The purpose of this report is to determine the importance of communication skills in education and business. This assessment will be divided into four sections. The first section will be covering the role of communication skills in education and its importance to educators and students. The second section is regarding the role of communication in business and importance of good communication skills in business and personal career. Third and fourth sections are the conclusion and recommendations in developing communication skills. 1.1 Background information of communication skills A simplified definition of communication skills is the transfer of meaning from the sender to the receiver. Communication involves thinking, reading, listening, speaking and writing, as well as a various non-verbal methods (Treece & Kleen, 1998, p. 27). An effective communication is when the message is understood, the purpose of the message achieved and a favourable relationship between the sender and the receiver of the message is maintained. 1.1.1 Type of Communication and Its Barriers Communication can be classified to a number of ways. It can be written, oral, illustration or non-verbal. Non-verbal can be further divided into body language, eye contact and touch (Harris, 1996). However, there are many barriers which prevent an effective communication, for instance noise, stereotyping, incomplete feedback and

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