The Importance Of Communication Skills In The Workplace

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Both of these categories play a crucial part in complementing one another. In the advertising industry, communication skill is vital because employees often liaise with industry professionals, clients and create effective communications for them (, n.d.). Employees in advertising firm need to be able to forge strong relationship and credibility with clients as well as understand distinct personalities and methods of communicating with them (Windels, Mallia and Broyles, 2013). A good understanding of the client’s needs is also required as staffs need to transmit to team members and execute those needs into a marketing campaign (TARGETjobs, 2015). The impact of strong communication skills enables employee to be tactful and increase efficiency in workplace. Therefore, reading, writing, listening, understanding, responding, compelling presentation makes up good communication skill and employers seek to hire graduates with these abilities (Omar et al., 2012). 2. TEAM WORK SKILL Based on the findings in Asmaak, Shafie and Nayan (2010), team work skill stands at the second highest place, at 17%. Huhman (2014) mentioned that there 92% of employers found in Millennial Branding Report actually appreciate strong teamwork skills. Therefore, anyone who wants to increase their chances of employability and succeed in the corporate world has to have the ability to work in teams as workplace usually requires different talents to work together. Thus, teamwork
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