Essay On Communication Through Language

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Human being’s essential way to convey and receive understanding is through communication, it is the method of how we address and interpret messages. “Language is a form of communication to express thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions and information.” (Language Literacy, 2008) Language is a complex process and a type of communication coordinated with thoughts. The communication of thoughts occurs through the method of language. However, language cannot be equalized with the general definition of communication because language has clear limits; to convey proper language whereas, communication could be any motion. Communication through language can only be successful when there is mutual understanding. Furthermore, communication may be verbal, utilizing oral language to pass on a message, nonverbal, inclusive of facial expressions, body posture and movement, pitch of the voice or written centered language. All…show more content…
Verbal communication of the vocal classification incorporates spoken language. Moreover, non-vocal verbal communication includes written language, sign language or other similar possibilities of verbal language. Likewise, nonverbal communication focuses on vocal qualities such as; pitch and rate of the voice, or non-vocal qualities such as; body gestures environment, and clothing. Additionally linguists often use the term ‘paralanguage’ to refer to the non-verbal elements of speech. These can be facial expressions, body gestures and the use of time and space and so forth (Smith, 2004). Non-verbal language is a tool that reinforces the verbal language, according to Smith (2004) language is consisted of; 70 percent body gestures, 20 percent voice pitch and only about 10 percent specific spoken words. He continues by arguing that research results vary yet that the consensus is clear; non-verbal language is extremely important in human
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