The Importance Of Community Based Tourism

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2.2.7. International Tourist Arrivals
UNWTO (2015:4) states that: In the world international tourist’s arrival trend reaches1087 and 1133 million in 2013 and 2014 respectively in which the average growth rate is 4.2%.As tourist flow increased demand of different resources also becoming increased in most sources of market and destinations of tourism, despite ongoing geopolitical, economic and health challenges in some parts of the world. In Europe 15 million international tourists arrived in 2014 and it is increasing to reach a total 582 million arrival of tourists. America is a country in which fastest growth rate of tourism is recorded among all UNWTO regions with in 8% increase in international arrivals to reach 181 million; this increase
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On this idea RTP and ETC (2006) explain that: In community based Tourism, the local community decides all the concerned activities by themselves. Tourism involves cultural exchange that exists in between the local community and visitors coming from different areas of the world. This community based tourism also improves the life of the people through enhancing financial capacity of the people. In community based tourism the community has owner ship feeling on the tourism sector. Community based tourism is a holistic approach that incorporate the environment, social, cultural, economic, impacts of tourism. Community based tourism is all about learning from and directly help indigenous communities around the world through cultural exchange, financial assistance and education. Community based tourism provide financial benefits and employment opportunity to the local people, by encouraging and supporting environmentally sensitive activities, not only by travelers but also by local people. This tourism promotes exchange of knowledge and wisdom to the visitors and residents of the…show more content…
These pillars improves the local wealth of the community by maximizing the contribution of tourism to the local communities and destination‘s economy, which includes the spending that was received from tourists. Sustainable tourism generates incomes and decent employment opportunities for workers, without affecting the environment and culture of the tourist’s in the destination and ensures the practicability and competitiveness of destinations and enterprises to enable them to continue to flourish wealth and deliver benefits in the long term. In this sense, development should be a positive experience for local populations, tourism companies, workers and tourists themselves. However, the arrivals of tourists from different parts of the world have an influence on local cultures, whether positive or negative. Exposure to other cultures and norms may in fact create awareness and tolerance, just as it can create tensions and

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