The Importance Of Community College

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Community colleges are intended to be a journey to achieve bigger opportunities and possibly move on to a four-year university. Unfortunately, many students are not reaching the end of that journey. These colleges are structured in a way that is not allowing enough students to succeed. Easy alterations can be made to change this fact and a number of states are now taking on this challenge. Improving certain aspects of community colleges will ensure the graduation of more students. The cost of community colleges needs to be lowered in order for more students to reach their full potential. Expensive tuition is the one of the top contributors to students giving up on college. Whether it be because of an unfortunate situation or other responsibilities, a large majority of these young adults do not have enough money to reach graduation. When these students run out of money they come to a point where they have no other option. Even many of the ones who do graduate are forced to get students loans. Lowering the cost of community colleges will undoubtedly lessen the amount of student dropouts and help all students who attend. As Alina Tugend (2016) states in an article, “With average annual tuition of $3,430, the association said, community colleges are about one-third the cost of in-state tuition at a public four-year university. Still, money can be one major reason community college students drop out.” Though the cost of community college is significantly less than most
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