The Importance Of Community Communication

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1 Since my first steps in the area of communication I was always fascinated about how various social norms and cultural aspects typical for the area could affect the dynamics of community development. Apart from social, economic and political factors shaping the overall situation, there are always those inner hidden resources present within individuals, communities and societies, which can cause fundamental changes given that one identifies them and wisely appeals to them. There have been many examples of how in some cases little things were achieved through implementation of large-scale projects with significant financial allocations, while in others profoundly simple messages “hit home” and triggered full-scale social reforms and movements. I am a firm believer that every single person on this planet regardless of age, gender, race and other factors, has certain talents and abilities, which can be used for the benefit of his or her family, community or even nation. Creating conditions, in which each individual could have best chances to discover his or her unique talent, develop and utilize it to its full extent, is something that I as C4D Officer am truly passionate about. This, of course, is impossible to achieve without realization of the child’s fundamental right for survival and development, which promotion of clean, child-friendly, and safe environments has always been an important part of. Only when a child is in good health and well protected, he or she can
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