Honesty: The Value Of Education

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In a changing world, there is a need to develop new systems of education that can adapt to the rhythm of societal changes and technological improvements. For that reason, we need better prepared educators that understand the changes our world is going through and do not forget that are human beings those who we intend to teach. There are many questions that need to be answered in the world of education, but it is important that through our beliefs and dedication we impact the world in an unique manner.
The value of community is one that everyone should have and appreciate, I learned that through my family. The love and respect that one shows for the other are crucial to build a democratic community. Honesty is one of the very first and most
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I have seen and heard of classrooms that are just out of control. For example, in my daughter’s classroom, there are sixteen students, five girls and eleven boys. Most of the school days, she comes back home complaining that her classmates are too loud and that they easily get in trouble. How, in such a small class, can this happen? It might be helpful for the teacher to make a closer connection with students, like it is suggested by Noddings in her theory of education where she includes the idea of a caring teacher (2012., p. 230). This is where I see the humanist side of my self, I do care for others and tend to help people, even if I don’t have the time. As an idealist thinker I dream of a place where we all live in a community where everyone supports each other. For that reason, I think that it is important to create a sense of community and respect in our…show more content…
I do agree with the idea of using our senses to reach a conclusion but first, you have to make a hypothesis to reach a conclusion and yes, you have to go through the process of trial and error. Thus, the cognitive and the material approach blend together. Here again, the need to approach the child as a human being not as a robot that needs to be filled up with pre-programmed information. That is what standardized testing does, it demands students to learn, in auto mode, a set of information that will spit out a number so guvernamental institutions can demonstrate the progress they have made. Standardized testing does not leave room for a child to have a childhood and democratically learn. As teacher we need to create opportunities where students can interact with the environment they are surrounded by. Thereby, create a sense of belonging and community. Educative experiences are crucial to succeed, since one affects the other. Through past experiences is how we reconstruct our world, depending on our situation and on our past experiences is how we are going to proceed and solve the issues we are facing.
In conclusion, my experiences, goals, strengths, and the theories I believe in will help me be an inspiration, for my students, to want to be

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