The Importance Of Community In Education

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In a changing world, there is a need to develop new systems of education that can adapt to the rhythm of societal changes and technological improvements. For that reason, we need better prepared educators that understand the changes our world is going through and do not forget that are human beings those who we intend to teach. There are many questions that need to be answered in the world of education, but it is important that through our beliefs and dedication we impact the world in an unique manner.
The value of community is one that everyone should have and appreciate, I learned that through my family. The love and respect that one shows for the other are crucial to build a democratic community. Honesty is one of the very first and most important values that my father inculcated in my siblings and I. He always said that an honest person is capable to adapt to any situation, and of course, respect for this person would follow. My father is very smart; unfortunately, he did not have the opportunity to attend school. However, he managed to become a construction manager, and learned how to build houses and to estimate the amount of money he would need to build it. I have always admired his enthusiasm and desire, not only to learn but also to excel at whatever he puts himself to. My father’s dream was to give us the opportunity to finish a career; unfortunately, he did not have the money to pay for us to go to college.
Belonging to a community motivates student achievement

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