The Importance Of Community Rights

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The insecure majority I belong to the majority community. My family didn 't vote for the governing party and even if it did it is as normal as any other community member voting for the party that represents its community. So does it make me a supporter of majoritarian rule? I suppose not. Because as every other community, we have the right to support and promote the interests of our community. Now that does not mean that we want to demean other communities, instead, we, like everyone else, want dignity and respect for our community and religion in our country. Why, When we talk about community rights, do we only refer to minority community rights?? We are insecure because only a few years back we used to be normal hindus going about our business in our daily lives without caring much about what 's written in our holy books. Nowadays, we are met with judgemental looks tagging us as extremists, intolerant and insensitive towards minority. To be honest most of the hindus haven 't touched their holy books, they didn 't even know what savarkar had to say about Hinduism, they only knew that they are hindus because that 's what they have been told since childhood . Only when we were met with criticism, we actually made an effort to check what hinduism is really about. I, personally, didn 't go around spreading intolerance against other communities and neither did my friends and family. Likewise, people around me don 't specifically feel threatened by us hindus. And i am sure
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