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Community Wellbeing: Community wellbeing focuses on the quality of life in local communities. Survey result shows that 49% respondent’s state tourism has increased the living standard of the local people.

• Cultural Richness: Cultural richness state to respect and enhance the historic heritage, authentic culture, traditions and distinctiveness of host communities. More than 62% tourists state that cultural exchange between residents and tourists is valuable for the local community. But 42.5% respondents believe that tourists are not aware about the local culture and 30.1% state neutral position on this statement.

• Physical Integrity: Physical integrity means to maintain and enhance the quality of landscapes, both urban and rural area and
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They think tourism activities financially benefited local people in terms of earning, living standard and employment opportunity. But at the same time they are neutral about the entrepreneurial attitude of local people and they express that external people get more job than local people because they do not get any kind of training facilities. Most of the respondents express that tourism in Saint Martin Island creates seasonal job for the residents.
• Most of the respondents express their neutral position about the social equity in Saint Martin Island. They think tourists are not aware about the local culture that causes social problems. Most of the respondents strongly agreed that local people should be included in the tourism planning process.
• This study reveals that tourists and local people are not concerned about the environment and ecological balance of this Island. But environment is the most vital factor for the study area because of the unique physical setting. Even most of the respondents do not know the Saint Martin 's Island has been declared an Ecologically Critical Area and is protected under the law. They also think that tourism businesses at Saint Martin should be engaged in environmental practices and tourist activities should be limited at some

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