The Importance Of Compact Living

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Compact Living Compact living can be considered as small composition or necessary things in human lives. Compact living is the definition of what human really need and the things which are most important to live a healthy life. Some can afford a big house but prefer a small house because of the cost and maintenance. Most important in compact houses are functional needs, communal needs, comfort, personal needs, and privacy.
According to Nor Rima and Davies (2009), Providing housing is the basic social responsibility of governments all over the world, especially for lower-income groups in urban areas and this poses a challenge. In addition to globalisation pressure, the internal economic situation, political and social systems, and
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According to Noor Yasmin Zainun and Siti Saharah Ismail (2015) in their study, they stated that demand and supply of housing is a major challenge to the country because it is one catalyst for social economic structure. The above statement has provided a solid case that clearly pointed out that housing can be a measuring point of one’s country economic rate and practicing compact living could be the solution. Moreover, modernism has hit Malaysia long time ago resulting in development of many high rise building. Due to this, the people starts to live with a modern lifestyle. Residential area decreased futher to the changes of lifestyle. Noor Yasmin Zainun and Siti Saharah Ismail (2015), discussed that lifestyle lived by the people that can improve their life expectancy can also lead to a growing number of person households and housing supply is not keeping up with…show more content…
The foreign workers who seek cheap and low cost house as accommodation resulting in shortage of housing for Malaysians. With this, it can be inferred that other Malaysians can cover this problem by applying a compact living concept in their household and give way to others to own a property. In conclusion, Malaysian should consider compact living as one of the solution for housing development that can cater to the current issues which are the current economy status, high living cost and limited residential. The condition of Malaysia's economy now are growing more slowly and it is suggested that Malaysians should re-plan their life and find ways to tackle rising living costs to adjust in this environment. Malaysians can no longer live the way they did before and must better manage their finances and learn how to conserve and

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