The Importance Of Compassion Fatigue

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In modern medicine an alarming trend is emerging, many patients and the public are developing a negative association with health care practitioners for their lack of compassion. Unfortunately, there is truth behind these claims. Now the question is why? Why do patients feel like a chart, instead of a person? No one suffers the rigors of medical school because they don’t care for people. So what happen to the funny, understanding, and caring doctors? What happen to the compassion? Medicine is defined as “the science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease”. However, medicine is not exclusively an application of science, but is a combination of science and human compassion. Compassion is critical, because illness interacts with multiple accepts of human nature. The medicine may take care of the physical, but the compassion deals with the mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of illness. Nevertheless, with combination of stress, long hours, pressure, and endless patients, health care providers tend to suffer from a condition called compassion fatigue. The condition of compassion fatigue, which has largely been overlooked until recently is a direct contributor to the decline of patient care by health care professionals over the course of their careers.…show more content…
By analyzing current research on compassion fatigue, we can properly understand the causes and effects of compassion fatigue, identify the signs/synonyms, and develop methods for regression and prevention compassion

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