The Importance Of Compulsory Voting

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How does a nation have a say in how it is lead? Through voting. During elections, citizens have the potential to change the way that they are governed. However, in the United States, voting is not mandatory. Currently, people have the choice in whether they would like to cast their vote in an election. One of the present-day issues with voting is that only 56.9% of registered voters go to the polls (Taylor). Forcing people to vote would not be the solution to the lack of voters. If anything, it would be harmful to the system. In order for this law to be reinforced, there would have to be some sort of punishment if somebody does not cast their vote (Bargmann).Why should a law abiding citizen be penalized for not wanting to have a say in the way their government is lead? There needs to be a shift in the way elections are held so that voting is more convenient to the average American citizen, and so no one is scrutinized for their choice of not expressing their opinion. Compulsory voting should not be required because it would be violating freedom of choice, which would lead in people casting random votes, and there are superior ways of getting people to vote than forcing them to.
Requiring American citizens to vote is a violation of freedom of choice, and the way a person can express their opinion. If they are forced to speak their opinion, they could randomly select a candidate, which would sway the election. Choosing to speak has the same effect as choosing not to speak.
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