The Importance Of Computer Mediated Communication

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We now live in an age of technology. Everything could be reached with just a few clicks and swipes on our phone, tablets or any gadget of use. Now, as technology moves in a fast-paced world, communication starts to cope with it. Communication allows the flow of ideas, beliefs, opinions and pieces of information. (Dimbly, Burton, 1998) Modern day, however, will let one see, that it is not simply reduced to just simply talking with other people or when interacting with them. Technology has paved a way to accessible communication through the usage of different social media websites which then helps in reaching out to people through computer-mediated communication. In line with this, despite the vast world of communication, the study will mainly focus on computer-mediated communication and how emojis become an aid of change in it. Now, in the world of social media, where communication is exercised also through various technology outlets such as laptops, phones, and tablets, it is very evident that other ways to communicate with each other are starting to emerge. According to the National Telehealth center, there are 42% active social media users in the Philippines and Facebook topped the most used social platform with 21%. With all the data given, there is no doubt that computer-mediated communication is prevalent in the country. Computer-mediated communication can be any form of communication that is mediated by digital technology. However, this could also

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