The Importance Of Computer Memory

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According to the memory component, it is good to know that it has the equal importance as processor and graphic cards for a great performance. Memory is also called as Random Access Memory (RAM). RAM plays a very crucial role because it is considered as an active participant while gaming. The hard drive of a computer is not necessary for the top performance because it works importantly for the loading time only. Moreover, when a game is launched into the computer, the hard drive becomes the passive participant. Once game loaded into it, the processor and graphic cards request for the information from memory, read and store it, do the calculations and send back the result to the RAM. This is why it is said that RAM is the active participant. As far as the gaming area is being concerned, it is very important to own a bigger and faster RAM. This is in order to create the ability to hold many temporary information and for the information to be read and written to it faster. A bigger RAM can help to ensure the computer to do more while the game is loading. If bigger RAM is not being used, the game will be loaded until the RAM is full and then will free the memory of the hard drive and load more parts of the game. This will reduce the speed of the game severely. A faster speed means it will be feeding the information to the processor and graphic cards faster. The output will be stored faster and this way would be better because usually processor and graphic cards will be faster
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