The Importance Of Computer Software

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What is computer hardware? According to Tim Fisher (2017) stated that computer hardware can be referred to the physical components that make up a computer system. A hardware can be installed and have many different types on a computer and it also can be connected from outside of the computer. A part such as a motherboard, central processing unit (CPU), random access memory and etc, can be found inside the computer housing. While monitor, keyboard, mouse, speaker and etc that outside of the computer also considered as a hardware that can be integrated with a computer. All these are the devices work together to accept, process, show data, and information for the users.

However, computer hardware sometimes its components individually
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According to Jolli Ballew (2017) stated that software, in broad terms, is a set of instructions (generally referred to as code), that is positioned between you and the device’s hardware, enabling you to use it. But what is computer software, really? In layman’s terms, it’s an invisible component of a computer system that makes it possible for you to interact with the computer 's physical components. Moreover, software is what allows us to communicate or use with smartphones, tablets, media players, and similar other devices. Software also allows the hardware to process the data for the user.
However, it is important to know and understand that there is a distinct difference between hardware and software. Software is an intangible resource and it cannot be held in our hands meanwhile hardware consists of tangible resources such as a mouse, keyboards, USB ports, CPUs, memory, printers, and etc. Hardware and software need to work together in order to make a system fully
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Besides, a network is a most important types of data communications in the organization. Network plays an important part in connecting with one computer to another computers and acts as peripheral devices to share resources and data. An example number of network configurations is local area network (LAN). LAN is a computer and peripheral devices that are located relatively close to each other and usually can be used in the same building or place. Next is client/server networks. It is a network that has file server to one or more computers that act as the central storage locations for programs and to provide a mass storage for most of the data that used on the network. Other than that is peer-to-peer networks. It is a network that when a network does not have any file server, computer and program are same and data will be spread among
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