The Importance Of Computer Technology In Education

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In an increasingly complex world, this is crucial that learners show mastery in the conceptual understanding which is significant in teaching science, thus this become a role in developing scientifically literate person that function in a society where science has a major role and effect on daily lives (Huppert et al., 2002). Technology advancement from computer technology to healthcare to food production to the different industry changed in ways that they should participated. According to some research study, there are questions presented in new technologies that may not answer to the needs of the learners. The students who have experienced in applying scientific inquiry and reasoning to real-world problems in the classroom will have an edge when faced with different types of learning opportunities. With the continuous changing of generation, it is important to identify a desired approach in teaching and learning process, there is a demand in acquiring technologies that will suit the needs of the learners especially when applied in their studies. This will serve as an eye opener for the education opportunities and possibilities with different teaching strategies. In particular, there are some students nowadays which are after on the learning gained through experience. Thus, it is important that in the classroom the learners must have a pattern of learning that will be used in enhancing their knowledge and skills. In this way, it is the major role of the teachers to
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