The Importance Of Computer Technology In Education

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The school’s objective is to enable students to increase their knowledge through a CT initiative that integrates a computer-based learning method. The goal of Fernando Ahuatzin Reyes School, as mentioned previously, is to prepare students for a competitive world through the implementation of CT and professional training for teachers. The lack of knowledge about technology at Fernando Ahuatzin Reyes School restricts the potential for intellectual growth for all students, from first to sixth grades. The focus is not only on learning to use CT but rather using CT to learn. Current photographs of the School Fernando Ahuatzin Reyes are shown below.
Literature Review
“Love and friendship must be earned not forced.”
There are many elements for teachers to use Computer Technology (CT) in their classrooms (Pourhosein, 2013). I was wondering if the teachers would be interested in implementing CT in the classrooms, and to what extent technology will help as an instructional and as a cognitive resource. As of today, education and technology cannot be separated because technology is part of every step concerning education.
The integration of CT in education eventually changes the teaching methods and it revolutionizes knowledge. The teacher is the main player to effectively take advantage of this CT opportunity. Technology has been adapting new living standards for us, the daily use of computers, tablets, digital displays in home

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