Computers In Education Essay

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According to Shelly, Cashman and Vermaat “….a computer is an electronic device, operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory”. Computer can help students to improve their’ achievement, to motivate them and also to improve school climate and to promote school reform by fostering learner centered instruction. Research has shown that children see the importance of peer communication while using computers. (Rhee & Bharnagri, 1991; Bergin, Ford, & Hess, 1993; and Clements, 1994) states that the social effects are "overwhelmingly positive.” With the use of a computer student get a chance to relate better with each other as they get involved in the learning process. Research has also shown that “computers provide valuable…show more content…
513. The use of computer in the classroom can cater for the varying learning styles of the students. Nevertheless, “few Social Studies teachers, and in particular experienced and secondary level teachers, understood or used computers to engage students within their classrooms” (Berson, 1996; Ehman & Glenn, 1991; Van Fossen, 1999). Some teachers see technology on the classroom as distracting and time consuming. Some have limited knowledge about the use therefore they become de-motivated to use it. However ,Social Studies teaching is “yoked to the textbook, captive to talk and chalk” (Hope, 1996, p. 150) does not augur well for those who are challenging social studies educators to integrate technology. According to reviews done by Ehman and Glenn (1991) and Berson (1996), “relating to the use and impact of interactive technologies in Social Studies, suggest that the ‘sleeping giant’ has been having quite a long nap.” Within their reviews they note, as does Friewald (1997) and White(1999), that generally, Social Studies teachers hold positive perceptions toward using interactive technologies in their
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