Concussion In Sports

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Football is one of the most important sports which represents the traditional culture in the United States. In this country, most people enjoy watching and playing football, also there are numerous events about football such as the Super Bowl. Football seems to be extremely common, but in fact, many researches show that it is dangerous for players who started playing football since they were young and became professional athletes later. In other words, football may cause players’ health problems such as concussion, dementia and so on. During the game, there are lots of hits and collisions happened. Thus, within a contact sport, head injury is inevitable, which is especially true in football. Recently, some researchers describe football as a…show more content…
Unfortunately, some researchers points out a fact that play football may result in brain issue due to concussion during the game, and it will effect on football players’ rest of life. Thus, NFL has its responsibility to decrease the risk of getting a concussion. During a football game, hits cannot be prevented, even though the players have their pads and helmets on. Once a player has a hit to his head, it may cause a concussion depend on how much g-force he gain. According to the article “Offensive Play” by Malcolm Gladwell, who is a famous journalist and author, he explains that “if you drove your car into a wall at twenty-five miles per hour and you weren’t wearing your seat belt, the force of your head hitting the windshield would be around 100 gs” (Gladwell). There are lots of hits that players may gain, which would affect players’ brain directly, not only the big hits, but also a lot of little hits (Gladwell). Therefore, NFL has its responsibility to decrease the risk of getting a concussion such as setting new rules and improving the safety of
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