The Importance Of Concussion In Football

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Football is one of the most important sports which represents the traditional culture in the United States. In this country, most people enjoy watching and playing football, also there are numerous events about football such as the Super Bowl. Football seems to be extremely common, but in fact, many researches show that it is dangerous for players who started playing football since they were young and became professional athletes later. In other words, football may cause players’ health problems such as concussion, dementia and so on. During the game, there are lots of hits and collisions happened. Thus, within a contact sport, head injury is inevitable, which is especially true in football. Recently, some researchers describe football as a “boy-killing, man-mutilation, money-making, education-prostituting, gladiatorial sport” (Gladwell). However, football will be continued, since there is no excuse to prohibit from not playing it. Consequently, NFL should set an age restriction for full contact play in youth football because the NFL has a responsibility to reduce players’ concussion risk. NFL, also known as National Football League, is one of the highest professional football league in the world, every single football player who plays in the NFL is professional. Unfortunately, some researchers points out a fact that play football may result in brain issue due to concussion during the game, and it will effect on football players’ rest of life. Thus, NFL has its

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