The Importance Of Concussions In Sports

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Sports are a very popular all around the world, and it is a billion dollars’ business that fans get a rush from watching it. There are many famous events all across the world that fans will pay top dollars to watch such as the Olympics, Super bowl and the World Cup. It sometimes puts pressure on the athletes to go out there and perform their best even if it puts their body at risk (Covassin, Elbin III, & Stiller-Ostrowski, 2012).Year after year the numbers of concussions have decrease a lot because of the new technology that they are trying to create by the year but the numbers are still outrageous (Covassin, Elbin III, & Stiller-Ostrowski, 2012). Research has shown that the more the physical the sport, there are more likely to have more fans (Covassin, Elbin III, & Stiller-Ostrowski, 2012).…show more content…
The three major things that can help with this awareness is education, parents and coaches (Lowrey & Morain, 2014). Education is key, if the athletes are aware of the dangers that can lead to them after a head injury, they would take care of their body more. Parents all across the world have to talk to their children, and make sure they’re safe. Some parent’s pressure their kids to push themselves pass their limits and that’s not what’s best for the children. They will never feel they did enough for their parents, and the athletes will put their body in harm’s
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