The Importance Of Concussions In Youth Sports

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This article talks about how coaches could better recognize concussions as they went through an education program that helped them recognize the symptoms of a concussion. Some sports teams may not have certified athletic trainers or doctors on the sideline to take care of a concussion and that leaves the coach to be the first person to try and recognize a concussion. Also, to help coaches recognize concussions, the Center for Disease Control started a program called Heads Up!, which was used at the youth and high school levels. The big issue with the concussion knowledge is that some of these coaches today have misconceptions of concussions because of the magazines and newspapers they read instead of going through coaching education programs to properly get their information on a concussion. For this study, they had to get people who were enrolled in classes related to coaching education majors and minors. These studies were designed to describe concussions to future coaches who will have to evaluate the symptoms of a player who may have a concussion. The main reason some players do not report concussions is that some of them may not know they have them because they did not recognize the symptoms and were not diagnosed by a…show more content…
This article is related to my topic because it shows how concussions in youth sports can go unnoticed and that people are actually starting programs that coaches can go to so that they can better educate themselves in making sure that their players are

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