The Importance Of Confederating Symbols In Schools

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In the United States of America, the right to freedom of expression is one of the most important rights that the citizens uphold. However, sensible citizens realize that in certain scenarios, the right to the freedom of expression must be violated in the name of the well being of the people. Unfortunately, what could harm the wellbeing of the people is a point of dissent for many members of the nation. Both sides of the argument are clearly shown today in the midst of issues like a rise in people wearing the confederate flag in places like schools; due to what the flag represents, some say the flag is considered very offensive and could cause dangerous situations. The solution these people support would be banning all confederate symbols in places like schools, but they face a strong opposition that argues banning the symbols would infringe upon the first amendment.…show more content…
Furthermore, it is used to unite those with racist ideologies. Seeing as such, it would violate core democratic values of equality (particularly, social equality on basis of race). If that is not already a monstrous violation of the United States’ values, then the violation of the values of diversity and the common good would make it so. Racial discrimination shuns diversity and tries to take a targeted racial group down in many
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