The Importance Of Conflict

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Conflicts are an inevitable aspect of human interactions in any society, organization or social group of individuals. Conflict is part of human nature and it arises from differences that arise between people. These differences can range from philosophical, ideological and moral differences to unmatched goals and divergent visions between people. Usually, conflict is regarded as normal if it does not escalate into confrontations and other forms of physical, emotional or psychological distress. Conflict resolution is a very valuable life skill, and it can be applied in all walks of life – from interpersonal relationships, to family relationships, to workplace interactions, to management of businesses and organizations. This paper evaluates a specific scenario, which evaluates the leadership skills and conflict issues within an organization. The group has been locked in a protracted conflict that has spanned for over one year. It is the hope of the organization to resolve the matter to help safe the groups reputation as well as its own survival.
Possible Factors Responsible for Conflict A number of factors can be identified as having caused this conflict. First, racial intolerance can be seen to be a significant influence on this conflict. Owing to the multi-racial composition of the organization’s leadership team, any form of racial intolerance is bound to lead to conflict. This can be seen in the public ways in which the members of this team have been expressing
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