The Importance Of Conflict In Business Management

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The case is serious in the extractive industries where they start well with the neighbours, as the business expands, conflict arises. Pollution and noise become intolerable. Human relations and sometimes failure to carry out corporate social responsibility may fuel conflict in business activities. The conflicts if not managed at the grass-root level, may escalate to bigger conflict and this can cause the good intention of the business to deviate or collapse. According to the Marx’s conflict theory (2016), conflict arises when there are differences in opinions due to personality, economic, environment and role incompatibility. These are boarded around race, gender, sexuality, culture in the human existence. Conflict is part of human nature and it is inevitable. When conflicts arise, depending on its intensity, it does not necessarily mean it is a bad thing, it all depends on how the conflict is managed. According to Fillipo and De Waal (2000), conflict itself has both positive and negative outcomes. According to Ken Ramani and Liu Zhimin (2010), while quoting from Kirkwood (2002), the various types of conflict that exist in organization include data conflicts, structural conflicts, relationship conflicts, and interest conflicts. Conflicts can lead to disputes, grievances, lawsuits, complaints, strikes and disciplinary actions. Conflict can occur at a number of levels of human functioning. According to Ken and Liu (2010), common tactics used in interpersonal power
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