The Importance Of Conflict In Short Stories

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Arab Open University Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) FACULTY OF LANGUAGE STUDIES EL121 TMA COVER FORM ( 2014 / 2015 ) Branch: Program: Course Title: Course Code: Student Name: Student ID: Section Number:: Tutor Name: Conflict is a fundamental element of the short story. It helps to make the short story more interesting and can help a role in capturing our attention as readers. Conflict can simply refer to a certain problem that the protagonist has to deal with. This problem is a source of threat for the protagonist and occupies his thinking during the story. This problem may be solved or not. Conflict should have a beginning, complexity and an end. Conflict is generally divided into two types which are internal conflict and external conflict. The two types may exist in the story at the same time or one of them at least should be involved in the short story. External conflict means how external forces can affect the performance of the protagonists. Examples of external conflict can refer to the effect of nature on the protagonists in the short story. Internal conflict means that there are two opposing objectives inside the protagonist and that both of them are important for him. The difficulty of this conflict is that the protagonist should choose only one objective. To illustrate how conflict can affect the development of the short story, we will refer to three examples which are: “ A letter from Gaza , After twenty years and The Scarlet
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