The Importance Of Conflict Management

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According to Robin (1996) conflict is the process that starts when one party perceives that the other party harmfully affected something that the first party cares about. When confrontation begins, it can be understood as “engagement in a fight or confrontation between two or more parties aspiring towards incompatible or competitive means or ends” (University for Peace, 2005). It is a Situation in which two or more parties try hard to acquire the same scarce resources at the same time (Mikael and Swanstrom, 2005). Similar with the above idea Helvard (2011) described that conflicts are part of everyday life; they form in our close relations, at a group level, in a country level and on global level. It has manifested in diverse formats for a long period of time (Slabbert, 2004).

Unless conflict is properly managed, it results in political, social and economical destruction of human beings. The cost of conflict depends on the type of conflict management tools that countries or individuals used to settle disagreements. Though it is almost impossible to avoid conflict in human relations, to reduce its negative consequences people tend to solve conflicts, which we call it conflict resolution or conflict management.

According to Sanson and Di (2007) conflict management is a set of strategies which can be used to satisfy human needs of security, identity, self determination and quality of life for all people who are engaged in a conflict. In similar context Dereje (2010)
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