The Importance Of Conflicts In Romeo And Juliet

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In reference to the bold statements of the younglings throughout the play, Romeo and Juliet, it could be said that they were willing to ‘risk it all’, despite the circumstances they were under. These two lovers, being described as “star-crossed”, propelled the storyline in a way that was facile for conflicts to form, all of which were a result of their forbidden love (Prologue 5). Over the short course of time during the period in which their story had taken place, Shakespeare asserted the impression that all these conflicts were caused by a cruel overwhelming fate, sheer accident, and by their own willfulness. All these facets of the plot coalesced and attributed to the bringing about of Romeo and Juliet’s untimely and unfortunate death.
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In order to give the two lovers the happy ending they desired, Friar Lawrence and Juliet devised a deceitful and complex plan, which was to make her appear dead for a certain period of time, and have Romeo retrieve her body once she woke up so that they could flee Verona together. However, the message for Romeo containing the details of the plan was not able to be delivered because of a misunderstanding, causing the message carrier to be quarantined though he did not have any sickness: “I couldn’t send it- here it is again- Nor get a messenger to bring it thee, so fearful were they of infection.” (5.2.14-16). Starting from that point, it was sure that the plan was to go awry, for the small disruption in the original scheme had a high chance in causing a ripple and chain reaction in the events that were supposed to occur in result of the delivered message, and it was even admitted by Friar Lawrence that “the neglecting it [the message] may do much danger.” (5.2.19-20). Romeo, receiving an insufficient amount of and therefore wrong details about Juliet’s so-called death, killed himself, finding no reason to continue living in his unhappy state, and he exhibited this mindset with the following quotation: “How oft when men are at the point of death? Have they been merry,…show more content…
While one aspect of the impression led the audience to believe that their death was caused without any true and or valid purpose, others brought the audience to contradict that same idea with an opposing perspective, suggesting it was caused by a matter of chance or personal will. All of them, however, were actual elements of the true reason behind the unfortunate event. He skillfully exhibited the aspects for these elements through numerous amounts of ways, examples being through the well formed dramatic dialogue, the intense character interactions, and the conflicts that occurred due to the Capulet and Montague family feud. That being said, Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, having a storyline with such passionate characters in unfortunate positions, overall leading to their saddening death, truly make it a
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