Education Is The Passport To The Future Essay

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Activist Malcolm X once said, “Education is the passport to the future”. His statement has been extended in the views of society as people continue to link education with success in life. To reach this goal a list of mandatory classes have been created in schools. Those in favor of conformity support mandatory classes because each student has an equal opportunity to learn the same content as their peers. However, conformity results in a similar educational track for all students. Schools should fully support individuality and give students a choice of what classes they would like to take. Full support of individuality can be accomplished by removing mandatory classes that can be repetitive such as the mathematical classes of Algebra. Other…show more content…
The mix of grades in classes occurs when the classes are electives. Otherwise official mixing begins when students decide to take advanced placement classes. This structure forces students to approach the same type of classes as the rest of their grade level because of the order and years of requirements. Examples include, AP classes only being offered to juniors and seniors when grade levels don’t define maturity for college classes. This is wrong because it classifies different grade levels into certain classes. If students had the ability to create their own schedules based on what they feel like they are ready to learn they will learn how to plan their path on their own. Directing students and assigning them their classes is not an efficient way to build responsibility. The real world isn’t all planned out. If mandatory classes were eliminated and the path students take was more individualized students will learn how to plan and work on their own. Students are forced to learn in groups for cooperation, but jumping on a bandwagon isn’t always the best idea. People should follow their own thoughts if they think that is right to create their own
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