The Importance Of Consumer Protection

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Can we provide enough consumer protection with the emergence of new consumer trends? “We live in an age when pizza gets to your home before the police” (Jeff Mander) Consumers’ lifestyles have become increasingly digital. There is an emergence of new digital services and products, due to the continuous improvement of the internet. Online shopping is at the moment a popular event, people buy everything online from a pair of shoes to a freshly prepared meal. Downloading an app on your device to check your bank account, everything is possible. However, billions of consumers are purchasing online, exposing themselves to a raft of consumer protection issues. There are thus many private and security challenges in the area of consumer protection that comes along with these changed consumer habits. This purchase and sale of goods and services through an electronic medium, such as the Internet, is called ‘E-commerce’. Moreover, any transaction that is completed entirely through electronic measures can be considered E-commerce. Electronic commerce grew with the increased availability of Internet access, in fact, it is likely that the proportion of consumers engaging in e-commerce to exceed 50% by 2015. (Brasoveanu, Iulian Viorel; et al, 2014) E-commerce has many advantages for consumers: from which the most important is the global choice of goods and services offered at competitive prices that can be reached every moment of the day without leaving your couch. You can even sell and
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