Cavanaugh's View Of Globalization

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Cavanaugh first chapter speaks about the fundamental connection between the freedom and unfreedom of how the awareness of the market has being in this world. He defines the freedom as being wrapped up in the will of God. Being free to make the right choice. God has given us the authority to choose in line with will. It’s not about what we want or need. But what we are really in need of, why are we really in need of that thing? What are the benefits of it? Is it more important than not having it? He also talks about, how we as human not all our desires are always made to reality. There are false and true desire. We should be careful what we desire for, he identify market as “free” merely by the absence of restraint on the naked power. As human being, we are always in need of material possessions. We have been given the power but we do not know how to use it in a good way to achieve God’s plan.…show more content…
As a Christians we need to be more focus on our life to be able to be fruitful amounts other. Been able living with others in humanity, and shine in others by doing what is right. Loving our neighbours, being faithful too any everyone that I came close too. It’s important as Christians living the life of Christ. Following his footsteps, that is how it means to be called a Christians. Balthasan say that self-giving in the Eucharist participates in the very life of trinity. Enable to give yourself all to the gospel of Christ. Living the whole life with him. Gathering together and have the Holy Communion. Detaching from the local, building up the community relationships with people around us. Love your neighbour as you love yourself. As Christian we all needed to be united in the body of Christ, by reducing the labor, living in community that has humanity, respect one another, and

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