The Importance Of Consumption In America

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According to Webster 's Dictionary, consumption is the utilization of economic goods in the satisfaction of wants or in the process of production resulting chiefly in their destruction, deterioration, or transformation. American consumption is out of hand. We eat too much, spend too much money, and over use our natural resources.
I eat too much. Many of my closest friends and family members eat too much. Not just during the holidays but even at home or in a restaurant. Most people are raised not to waste or to finish the plate in front of them. So when we go out to dinner and the restaurant serves a giant portion, big enough for two or three people to eat, we feel obligated to finish eat. We eat until we are over full and miserable. This has caused many Americans to become overweight.
As with eating too much, I also spend too much money. Holiday sales may cause Americans to binge shop. I tend to shop heavy year round.
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Lastly, I over consume our natural resources, mainly gas. I don’t carpool, take the shorter route to my destination, or walk to nearby places. I could easily walk to work or school. Both places are less than a mile from my home and from each other. I am the girl who takes the long way home because driving relaxes me. I know plenty of other Americans do the same. We drive around, through tons of traffic, and fewer people take the bus. We drive for convenience for ourselves. Most Americans aren 't conservational when it comes to our natural resources.
So, do Americans consume too much? The answer is yes. Most of us don’t think about our health when we eat too much, or our emergency fund in savings as we buy Christmas presents, or the ozone layer as we drive all over the country. I don’t see many people changing their lifestyles even though they know it isn 't healthy for their bodies, bank account, or the
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