The Importance Of Contemporary Literature

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Furthermore, if we compare the literature of today to that of the olden days we observe a lot of difference. The themes and central idea of contemporary literature is not as grand as those of yore. Apart from that literature is no longer written about and for the elite class. The common heroes now days are average middle-class people. This helps in majority of the readers to relate to the stories presented. However, on the negative aspect these stories have lost a certain charm by exposing too much and having obscene themes just so that it may sell. The other reason is the feeble content of contemporary literature. It is rare to find novels which have a proper plot that is not a delusional teenage fantasy like the series of Twilight, Vampire Diaries and Fifty Shades of Grey. When these tasteless novels get so much exposure majority of conservative classes start viewing literature in general as obscene and immoral. This results in banning of literature, censorship or on a lower level stopping children to read. This has a negative impact on the sale of good literature. As a result of which writing is seen to be a hobby rather than a profession. Despite this there are a lot of authors striving to be heard. Since pen is mightier than a sword. We see authors from the Third World countries like Khaled Hosseni, Elif Shafak and Mohsin Hamid picking up their pens. These writers have a common aim and that is to be heard by the Western world. The themes they write about; are of impact

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