The Importance Of Contraband In Prisons

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If the prison system stopped allowing visitation and conjugal visits, would the contraband in the prison system decrease? Should the prison system stop allowing face to face visit the reduction in contraband such as drugs may decrease. This includes the conjugal visit that no inmate should be allowed to do. To cease and desist the visitation right, you decrease the contraband, instead allow video visitation from a remote area such as a home computer. The inmate may then have the access to see and speak to their loved ones without the threat of contraband transfer. The visitation is then recorded, should it be needed in the future.

Visitation in the prison system has caused many additional hours to the regular day. When you take into consideration the time it takes to check in and search civilians for contraband. Then you take a look at the time and efforts it takes to conduct strip searches prior to visitation. The contraband that gets into the facilities is endless. The extinction of physical visitation will not get rid of contraband completely. But it will assist in the efforts of recreation.
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Each prisoner can only carry one thing at a time, he will always carry it with him but may decide to hide it, usually in the prisoner's cell in a bed, toilet, or other objects in his/her cell. There are many forms of contraband, weapons (knifes, shanks, ect), tools, narcotics, luxuries such as cell

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