Coporal Punishment: Effective?

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Coporal Punishment which is the act of violence toward a child who has misbehaved is argued by many to either be abusive to the child or helpful. Some people argue that children which expierence coporal punishment are more likely to grow up and become vandals and thieves while others argue that coporal punishment makes a child tougher and prepares them for the real world. While Coporal Punishment was more accepted in the past its acceptance is declining more as we head to the future. The media has made Coporal Punishment feel wrong and abusive and while parents might still approve of it, they might not feel pollitcally correct talking about it. In my opinion Coporal Punishment can be effective but can also be abusive depending on how your…show more content…
He calls many of these beliefs myths and proposes to why they are myths. One of the myths he found is that “Spanking Works Better”, Straus proves through research that spanking essentialy does not work better and that “time-outs” are just as effective. In my opinion Straus is wrong and research like that can never be 100 percent correct. “Time-Outs” when first introduced to a child might be very effective, but after much time and many “Time-Outs” that child will get used to it and not fear it anymore. A child will always fear coporal punishment because it is painful and nothing will change that. The next myth is that “Spanking is Harmless” Straus claims through research that spanking increases delinquicy, criminal behavior and many other violent actions. In my opinion spanking is not a direct cause for increased risk in these actions but rather it is more likely that spanking occurs in areas where kids grow up to be more deliqeunt and have criminal behavior like poor neighborhoods. The last myth I will be discussing is the myth that “If you don 't spank, your children will be spoiled or run wild”. With this myth Strauss argues that spanked children are more likely to be running wild than non spanked children. In my opinion this all relies on the two factors I stated previously which are the way your child is born and the way you raise your child. Some parents may know how to keep their child undercontrol with spanking and without spanking. Through my expierance of seeing my nieces and nephews I saw that spanking and not spanking can go both ways. I have a neice that is not spanked and does run wild and is spoiled but I also have nephew that was not spanked and does not run wild and doesnt act spoiled. It is really all depending on those two factors I brought up, I believe they
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