The Importance Of Copyright And Piracy

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Copyright and Piracy University of the People Introduction: Getting into a profession, which if you are good at comes with a lot of power over unsuspecting people, an individual can go crazy drunk with power to be able to control people’s lives. Well, I’ve chosen that profession and I know that I’m quite good at it, so it is important for me to know my own boundaries, so does every other individual who can hack. It is a scary little world out there. Why copyright laws are important? Before knowing why it is important, we need to know what it is. What is copyright? Copyright is a law under United States (title 17, U.S. Code), which protects the original intellectual property of its creator. Contrary to common perception copyright can be applicable to published and unpublished work of originality. Copyright is mostly applicable to works including literature, music, choreography, pictures, sculpture, movies, software and architectural works. The funny part is merely discovering facts, ideas, news, methods or processes cannot be copyrighted; you need to put it down on paper. And any applicable intellectual property rights are governed by patent law. One important aspect of copyright law is: Under section 106 of the 1976 Copyright Act, it give the copyright holder to authorize others to do a few things. According to Copyright Basics provided by United States Copyright Office, [ CITATION Cop12 l 1033 ] the following are the thinks that a copyright holder can authorize
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