Essay Against Corporal Punishment

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Corporal punishment should be kept in Hong Kong

Corporal punishment is the act of disciplining by inflicting physical pain, as retribution for an offence or wrongdoing. In nowadays, both traditional and modern families would still adapt this form of education as it is beneficial in the long-term not only because it’s efficient enough to do so, it can label an important mark on the children’s childhood, and hence they could remind themselves from doing the same thing again. Therefore, it has been public recognized toward history that corporal punishment does not harm our children, instead, it guides, teaches and protects them. Corporal punishment should be kept because it effectively provides disciplinary training positively with communication
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Communication is paramount and for example, talking to the children, explaining why their behavior or action was erroneous and tell them clearly what corresponding adjustment is required. Reserve spanking for serious offenses and not for every little transgression, and most certainly not as a way of forcing your will on your child. Every child is unique are leading to completely different ways of education from parents are surely needed. Some children may need corporal punishment, and some may not. It indicates that the importance of the good communication between the parent and children. Banning corporal punishment for a hundred percent is impossible and in fact, corporal punishment is the best way for protection and progression of children. Corporal punishment can act a stressor toward Youth (Turner, 1996). The parental expectation can enhance children’s intelligence and social skills as children are willing to follow parents’ requirement for pleasing their parent and fulfilling their expectation. Eustress can be created by keeping the right to give corporal punishment, which is a beneficial stress and serves as a positive motivation to help children to develop their potential. Corporal punishment can be treated as a final “trump card” that act like a stressor keep motivating, inspiring children towards an optimal level of
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