The Importance Of Corporate Communication

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In the globalised era, the future of any company depends on the reputation of the company, ‘how the company is viewed by its key stakeholders such as shareholders, investors, consumers, employees etc’ (pg ). This task of formation and sustenance of the company’s reputation relies on corporate communication. Therefore if given power and authority I would like to improve internal corporate communication in my company.
What is corporate communication?
Corporate communication is the total communication activity performed by the company in order to achieve its objectives. It is a group of activities which entails managing and coordinating both internal and external communication with the aim of creating excellent reputation among stakeholders of a company. Internal involves communicating effectively with employees, stakeholders and consumers. External involve communicating with government bodies, media, various agencies, educational institution etc. ‘Corporate communication has been responsible for the worldwide success of Fortune 1000 American corporations such as McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Google, Microsoft etc. My focus is mainly on internal corporate communication (ICC). Vehicles for ICC can be code of conduct involving fair business practice, equal opportunity for
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Breaking down of poor networking among employees is needed for effective communication for this one needs to be open-minded. Frequent meeting of communication practitioners (from different disciplines) is required so that they get to know each other, they share and exchange ideas. Newly hired employees needs to be given comprehensive introduction and proper ways of communicating throughout the organization. In many organizations today there are robotic awards, canned programs and generic messages are the norm. However, sincere and personal appreciation is needed as it builds trust and elevates
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