The Importance Of Corporate Culture

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Corporate culture is created by the policies and practices of organization and is the basic fabric of how things work and business to have its work done on a daily basis. Positive cultures of work and productivity influence healthy work environment. A common corporate culture helps to unite people of different demographic groups. Many employees within a company come from different background, family have own cultures. With a common culture in the workplace gives them sense of unity and mutual understanding in order to promote better communication and few conflict. In addition, a common corporate culture promote equality, ensuring that no employee is neglected at work and everyone are treated fairly. The corporate culture help employees motivated and loyal to the organization of the administration. When employees see themselves as part of the culture of organization, who are eager to want to contribute to the success of the company, they may feel a better sense of accomplishment, and a part of an organization that are important to them and hence work harder without being forced. A vital feature of culture is good communication and corporate policies that provide such information to be shared and exchanged. Companies with healthy culture won a good reputation among potential employees, talented and skillful workers. Healthy corporate culture is needed so as to encourage workers to provide quality products and services. Companies with stable and healthy cultures value the

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