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There are lots of ways that you can make an impression to a colleague or someone you have done business with or would like to do business with like giving gifts. Giving corporate gifts can be a bit tricky. It might be normal to want to show your appreciation, but how do you know the appropriate gift to give? Who should you be giving corporate gifts to? When is the appropriate time? And how much should you spend on a gift? Giving corporate gifts can be a dilemma but there is are some rules of etiquette that can guide you in making the right decision

Which gifts should you avoid?

Alcohol is not a great gift to give someone you are not familiar with. Some people get offended by a bottle of wine. If however you know the person to be a wine enthusiast,
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These tend to be a little generic and in the spirit of that season. You do not have to wait until the Christmas holidays to show your clients that you appreciate them. You can send business contacts gifts to that them for various things that happen throughout the year like company anniversaries, etc.

Christmas is as big a deal in Singapore as it is in other countries. This island country is a melting pot of different cultures and religions. If you think you might be offending someone’s sensibilities, then, rather give safe gifts that do not have religious connotations.

How much should you spend on a corporate gift?

Some people believe there is a benchmark, but the truth is it depends on the kind of gift and the relationship you have with them. You don 't have to be lavish or give with the intention of having your gift reciprocated with something just as lavish. It might be good business practice, but your gift does not have to look like a bribe. You don 't want to appear to be cheap too, so if you can come to a middle ground, you should reach a figure that works.

With that said here are some great ideas worth trying:

Coffee & Tea Gift
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