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According to the business dictionary corporate identity is a combination of colour schemes, designs, words, etc… that a firm employs to make a visual statement about itself and to communicate its business philosophy .
It is a symbol used by various organisations to portray how they view themselves and how they would like their customers, both existing and potential, to view the company. It is unlike corporate image which has a changeable mental impression; corporate identity is out there displayed in various forms on billboards, buildings. Also, corporate identity is largely unaffected by the firm’s financial position whereas corporate image is.
Corporate identity is either strong of weak not positive, negative or neutral as is the case with
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This was later on reassembled to make it look better. When the merger of PWC took place, they created a symbol with the names of both the firms which later on they felt was too long as can be seen by the above picture (the PWC merger in 1998) and this was later on shortened to PWC in 2010. This change was mainly done to create an identity of one entity and not the two separate firms that had merged as was perceived with the 1998 logo. This change was also made so that their clients would perceive them as a concise and consistent brand for what they really were and the services that they offered. The new and shortened logo in comparison to the initial one portrayed a more united corporate identity which has honestly merged to become its own entity and was not defined separately by the identity of the past…show more content…
As time passes they manner in which companies restructure their corporate identity after consolidation will just become better due to the vast amount of resources, knowledge and past cases available. Companies will better learn how to keep both customers happy as it can happen that during an acquisition when the acquired companies name is erased customers have a negative reaction to it as they feel it is unethical and disconnected with the firm. Many companies face a difficulties trying to gain the market of the acquires company as they no longer have the trust due to the eradicating of the acquired company but slowly and slowly there are surveys and researched being carried out to overcome this difficulty and customers now adapt better as the firm that is acquiring has a better idea of how to deal with the

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