The Importance Of Corruption In Indonesia

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Cirebon is a city located in Indonesia and it is recognized as a big city in West Java. This city lies in the northen coast of the Java Island that connected Jakarta-Cirebon-Semarang-Surabaya. On 2010, according to the survey conducted by Transparency International Indonesia (TII) this city become the most corrupted city in Indonesia along with Pekanbaru city. Corruption is a major problem in Indonesia right now, because almost all of the province in Indonesia has this issue. Including Cirebon itself. Seeing the condition right now, comes this question: What drives the corruptor to do the corruption? Corruption also already become a rooting culture in Indonesian government. This is a main problem in Indonesia because it can obstruct the national development. The main actor in this case is the human itself. Human basic nature is never get enough of anything if we are not thankful for what we already have. The main issue is in the mindset of the people of Indonesia. They think that this is a culture and think that it is a forgiven mistake. But it is not. Our new president, Mr. Joko Widodo, has come with his idea of national mental revolution. The aim of this National Mental Revolution is to change the mindset of Indonesian citizen to be better, including this corruption problem. Because as we all know that we urgently need this national mental revolution for better Indonesia. Back to Cirebon, they had been named as the most corrupted city in Indonesia. What causes this

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