The Importance Of Cosmetic Surgery

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whereby potential recipients are shown a preview of how they would look after a nose job, face lift or breast augmentation. Cosmetic surgery is the cultural product of modernity and of a consumer culture which views the body as a form of self-expression. Bodies no longer have to be damaged or impaired to merit surgical alteration. Growing older, gaining or losing weight or simply failing to meet the cultural norms of beauty are now reason enough for surgical improvement procedures. Cosmetic surgery allows an individual to transcend age, ethnicity and ever sex itself. Cosmetic surgery has increasingly become a mass phenomenon, with the media playing a pivotal role in making it acceptable for an ever increasing population. Intitially, it was linked with the rich and famous. Tales of the surgical exploits of Raquel Welch, Sophia Loren, Jane Fonda, Michael Jackson, Joan Collins, Farah Dibla and others abounded as the media mesmerized people with descriptions of lavish clinics where the celebrities enjoyed their meals and private suites along with their face lifts and body sculpting. Models, news commentators or actresses whose work puts them in the eye of the public have come to consider cosmetic surgery as a part of their job. In Beverly Hills, plastic surgeons have their own publicity firms and even accept Visa and MasterCard. The unparalleled queen of cosmetic surgery, pop singer and actress Cher, who has famously undergone dozens of operations, spent over seventy-five

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