The Importance Of Courage In Nursing

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The ‘6C’s’ were launched by England’s Chief Officer Jane Cummings who believes that the ‘6C’s’ stand for the commitment of each professional to provide outstanding care for patients, with dignity and compassion while continuing to remain consistent as they achieve excellent health and wellbeing outcomes (RCNI, 2015). The ‘6C’s consist of, care, compassion, competence, communication, courage, and commitment. However for this assignment the focus will lie primarily on courage, an important trait in life and in nursing practice (Dobos, 2015) .It allows us to be brave and do the right thing for the people that we are caring for (RCNI, 2015). Being courageous helps nurses identify poor practise and speak up reinforcing strategies to increase the best standard of care for patients. Various topics will be discussed throughout this assignment such as, why courage is important for nursing, how to be courageous as a nurse, the benefits of having courage as a nurse, and the current issues.

The ability to practice courageously in the nursing profession is
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Each individual has their own values and initiative of a situation. However it is important that those values are clear and justifiable in order to show impeccable courage. Accessing the target goals and final outcome of the situation should always be taken into account, in order to achieve the correct and suitable care. As mentioned before honesty is a key aspect that collaborates with courage. Being honest provides strength to speak out and take action, stepping out of comfort zones, hurdling obstacles and taking risks (Kantor, 2015). However it is important that the individual remains disciplined in their role, and understands being accountable for their actions focusing on the results and the duty of care for the patient. A courageous nurse believes in themselves and the skills they have continued to
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